Weld (Yellow)


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Our Weld is provided as dried material, combining the stalks and stems of this hardy & attractive garden plant.

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Weld [yellow]

Weld is another natural plant based dye with a long history that can be traced back through history. This product is known for producing yellow colors in fabrics, the active constituent inside the plant responsible this is known as luteolin, similar to Greenweed. Our Weld is provided as dried material, combining the stalks and stems of this hardy & attractive garden plant.

As with other natural dyes available on our site, it is possible to overdye fabrics dyed with Greenweed to produce color combinations, for example deep green when indigo is used after the completed dye process.

Your product will be shipped inside a strong re-sealable grip seal bag with the contents labeled.

Latin Name – Reseda Luteola

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