Safety First

Remember that as simple as it might sound, dying your own fabrics is not without risks, so please ensure that you’re well prepared to avoid any accidents.

Before handing dyes and starting the dyeing process, make sure you’ve got plenty of space to place your equipment. You may wish to use a couple of plastic containers, buckets or washing up bowls depending on the volume of fabric you wish to dye, so think ahead before hand and clear enough room for your equipment.

  • Use good quality protective gloves, particularly when handing warm fluids and when dipping your fabrics into the dye pot. Don’t re-use any containers for food purposes once you’ve used it for fabric dyeing.
  • Whilst our natural dye is not an irritant, you may wish to use a face mask so that you don’t breathe in any fine particulate when measuring out the leaf powder.
  • Take additional care when handling any scouring chemical, ensure that you’ve read any advice instructions on your supplier’s packets.
  • Don’t eat, vape, smoke or do anything when dyeing or scouring that involves handling objects that you may bring to your lips.
  • It’s best to work in a workspace with good ventilation, without young children or pets around.
  • Wear old clothes, aprons and other clothing you don’t mind getting stained or wet. If you like your workspace or work table as it is, it’s probably a good idea to cover it with a suitable protective sheet before starting to work.