10% off Green Riau Khetum this October!

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We’ve automatically taken 10% off the usual prices, so there’s no need to enter and apply a coupon code. You can add the product to your cart and save straight away as the discount is already there!

Green Riau surprisingly is one of the oldest and most well known variations of Khetum dye we stock, however it’s often one of the most overlooked. It delivers a superb green vibrancy unlike any other – furthermore, this strain is contained within our Sample Pack 1 if you’re looking for a new evaluation of our range of fresh, quality Khetum.

Now is a great time to buy some of this outstanding single leaf origin Khetum powder from the Riau provinces of Indonesia. Green Riau Khetum is prepared using efficient methods of selection, drying and milling, only the best leaves are picked for this incredible offering.

It’s easy to work with, finely milled and provides a rich and vibrant colour that lasts well.

NEW! Referral Program – Earn Bonus Coupons!

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Get a discount code every time you refer a friend to our site and save your friends €5.00 on their first order!

You can refer up to 10 friends or contacts – when your friend registers an account they will receive a €5 discount on their first order.

Once your friend checks out from our store after using your personal referral sign up link, you’ll immediately receive a discount code to the value of 5% of your friends order.

Simply explained, if your friend buys €200 worth of products from us, your coupon will be worth €10!

In addition to this bonus, each time you refer a friend and they proceed to create an account, you’ll be given a bonus coupon code of €1 that you can cash in on your next order too.

Make sure that you tell your friend to sign up before completing their order so they can earn bonuses!

Where do I find my referral link to send to my friend? 

You can find this in your account area. To access this, you’ll need to register if you’ve not done so already. Simply head to www.naturaldye.nl/my-account/ to set up your account or log in for your personal referral link.

You’re also welcome to use the referral coupon codes alongside any of our other store codes you might have.

Our site has a small pop-up in the corner entitled ‘REFERRAL PROGRAM’ which breaks down the bonus system, and shows your personal referral link to give to your friends.

How do I keep track of my referrals?

Easy, you can head to your user area accessed by clicking ‘My Account’ on our site when you’re logged in. The tab called ‘Referral Coupons’ will take you there. 

How long do the coupons last for?

You’ll have 60 days from any coupon code issue date to use them.

10% off Borneo Anak Khetum All September!

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We’ve automatically taken 10% off the usual price, so there’s no need to enter and apply a coupon code. You can add the product to your cart and save straight away.

The feedback for our latest batch of Borneo Anak has been excellent. We’re continuing the sale all throughout this September as we step into Autumn!

Now is a great time to buy some of this outstanding single leaf origin Khetum powder. Prepared using traditional methods of selection, drying and milling, only the finest young leaves are picked for this exceptional offering.

It’s easy to work with, finely milled and provides a rich and vibrant colour that lasts well.

Get a Discount by writing a review!

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Get 5% off for writing a review… Easy

You’ll automatically receive a 5% discount coupon directly to your email inbox for sharing your thoughts about your favourite product.*

This benefit is in addition to the 100 loyalty point bonus you’ll get for writing your first review!**

Just head to the product you’d like to review, scroll down and then click on the tab marked ‘Reviews’

*Maximum of one 5% review discount coupon per customer. Discount coupon code for review will be sent by email therefore please check your spam / junk box just in case it’s landed there. **You’ll need to be a registered user to collect and redeem loyalty points. To register, please head here to create your user account.

10% off Wildcraft all July 2020!

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Sourced from deep within primary and secondary rainforest, our Wildcrafted Khetum dye variation is processed according to traditional techniques. We sort out only the finest quality leaves for further processing, which results in a consistent Red-type dye which is excellent when used in combination with all other strains.

We’ve automatically taken 10% off the cost of our Wildcraft strain which we believe is very underrated and works well to improve the longevity and colour fastness of any project. This is a great chance to try some Wildcraft Khetum if you’ve not done so already!

There’s no need to enter and apply a discount code either – we’ve deducted 10% from the listing price so you can check out quickly on your next order.

Red Riau is on offer all June!

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Arguably one of the most underrated Red types alongside its green counterpart, this Khetum type is unique and very pleasant to work with. We’ve knocked 10% off the already reasonable price point for this strain which is well received by all that have tried it. Don’t overlook your opportunity to try Red Riau Khetum at this fantastic new low price!

We’ve automatically taken off 10% from the usual price, so there’s no need to enter and apply a discount code to save on your next order.

Borneo Anak – Fresh New Stock Back In!

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It’s like the best qualities of Malaysian Green and Borneo Red combined. Selected from only the best young Khetum leaves, this true connoisseurs product is harvested and processed using traditional methods. This attention to quality creates a truly vibrant product which is unmatched by other products.

UPDATE on 1st June 2020: Our Borneo Anak fresh stock has arrived! All packet sizes are available including 1KG.

Borneo Anak

Enjoy Sumatra White at 10% off All May 2020!

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It’s certainly one of the key varieties of Khetum, and one of the oldest types to be introduced to the market. It provides explosive vibrant energy when used in any project. It is also ideal for blending and creating your own customised mix of Khetum strains. There’s hardly a strain that it doesn’t mix well with, so if you’re looking to brighten up your mix, then consider Sumatra White this month.

The 10% discount has automatically been applied so there’s no need to enter a code at the checkout!

Update regarding services : March – April 2020

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We are aware that certain regions are changing their restrictions regarding access and delivery to and around localities in relation to the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

It is business as usual and we are continuing to ship all across Europe at the time of this post. We will not be providing any country specific advice on the website given that the restrictions around Europe are rapidly changing and our written advice may then prove to be incorrect. If you’re not sure what restrictions might apply to your country, please do ask us and we’ll be happy to help you as you place your order.

At present there are no issues to our supply chain and we have a good level of stock in place.

Some of our customers have been stocking up recently, and we have seen a lot of larger orders than usual over the last week. These orders have been delivered successfully. Some areas may see localised delays of +1 day due to short staffing in certain regions. As this is changing all the time we’re unable to know where may be affected.

We will of course share any more specific news as and when we have it, but for now it is business as usual. Whilst we can’t guarantee that there will be no disruption in our service, the signs so far are positive. As we ship from mainland Europe you may wish to order in advance to avoid any disruption. For or now it is all systems normal, but equally we do not wish for you to be without if the situation changes so stocking up may be a prudent measure.

Please note that any returns to us may take many weeks given the situation and we cannot provide refunds for goods until we have received them back for a check.

Please only order if you can currently receive your parcel as normal or via DHL OnDemand’s beneficial delivery options.

Useful DHL links

DHL OnDemand – for changing your delivery options (available after parcel collection from us when tracking status reads ‘shipment picked up’ ) – change delivery to local service point, neighbour’s house, safe place at property, etc.


Online DHL Contact Forms, choose your country from the list then proceed


If you wish to check your locality, please use the contact form or email us at office [at] naturaldye.nl and we will do our best to get you good advice regarding changes to the delivery services.

Borneo Red at 10% off all March 2020!

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One of the first strains to be introduced on our store and also perhaps the most versatile type is our incredible Borneo Red khetum powder. You can enjoy a 10% discount on our Borneo Red all throughout March this year – you don’t need to worry about applying a coupon code either, the discount has automatically been taken from the total so you can enjoy instant savings!