Christmas 2021 & New Year 2022 Shipping Info

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Recommended last order dates for Xmas delivery:

DHL Express – Order by Tuesday 21st December 2021, 13:00 CET

Christmas & New Year Opening times:

  • We are closed early on Christmas eve, Friday 24th December – Place your order by 12:00 CET (Early DHL Collection) – Orders received after this early cut off point will be dispatched w/c Monday 27th December.

Please note: No UK deliveries on Monday 27th – Tuesday 28th December 2021.

  • UK customers please note that there is a double bank holiday period on Monday 27th & Tuesday 28th December 2021 – DHL Express UK services will not be operational, and will resume on Wednesday 29th December.

Please note: No UK deliveries on Monday 3rd January 2022, when New Years Day is observed (Public Holiday)

  • We are closed on New Year’s Eve, Friday 31st December. There is no shipping on this day.
  • Orders received after 13:00 CET on 30th December 2021 will be dispatched from w/c Monday 3rd January 2022 when we re-open.

Customer Service during the holidays

  • Whilst we endeavour to stay open as long as possible and dispatch on time, please note that around the holiday period shipping transit times & customer service response times may be slightly longer. Therefore if you have an urgent order, please place it a few days earlier than normal & be patient for email responses.

Refer your friends for discounts!

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Get a discount code every time you refer a friend to our site and save your friends €5.00 on their first order!

You can refer up to 10 friends or contacts – when your friend registers an account you will both receive a €5 discount on their first order.

Once your friend checks out from our store after using your personal referral sign up link, you’ll immediately receive a discount code to the value of 5% of your friends order.

Simply explained, if your friend buys €200 worth of products from us, your coupon will be worth €10!

Make sure that you tell your friend to sign up before completing their order so they can earn bonuses!

Where do I find my referral link to send to my friend? 

You can find this in your account area. To access this, you’ll need to register if you’ve not done so already. Simply head to to set up your account or log in for your personal referral link.

You’re also welcome to use the referral coupon codes alongside any of our other store codes you might have.

Our site has a small pop-up in the corner entitled ‘REFERRAL PROGRAM’ which breaks down the bonus system, and shows your personal referral link to give to your friends.

How do I keep track of my referrals?

Easy, you can head to your user area accessed by clicking ‘My Account’ on our site when you’re logged in. The tab called ‘Referral Coupons’ will take you there. 

How long do the coupons last for?

You’ll have 60 days from any coupon code issue date to use them.

Brexit, your questions answered so far…

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We thought we’d continue to provide further information on this less than exciting but nonetheless important topic. Non-UK customers don’t need to read this post 🙂

Have there been many delays in transit?

The majority of delays we’ve witnesses recently have been related to recent winter weather issues, these have on occasion meant that connecting vehicles and flights have arrived or set off late (or even meant that some flights could not take off) – these delays when they occur typically only add one additional day. 
Since brexit, all parcels to the UK may be at any time subject to further checks which may create a slight delay in transit. The far majority of orders go through without issue however please be aware that if yours is delayed, it should arrive to you once any checks have been processed.

Why is my item delayed?

Sure, there may be some delays due to overloaded vehicles or backlogs in the network following on from weather delays however we’re happy to relay to you that the far majority of items have sailed through. Delays due to customs is a possibility, however the majority of our orders go through without a delay.

Customs duty Charging? When is it applied?

Not everything has been charged on entry as far as customers have informed us. We recommend you keep your order amount under €200 if you wish to avoid the chance of duty charges. The official limit for customs duty is £135 or approx. €154 at today’s rates. Perhaps from July when more checks are introduced this may be more common. 
Case study – a customer spent €260, total charges in the invoice were £45 GBP.

Why is shipping more expensive to the UK?

Since 1st January DHL have levied a surcharge to all UK bound items – we are continuing to subsidise the cost of DHL Express however to ensure that we moderate the cost of shipping to keep it reasonable for you – the real cost is around €5-6 more than what is quoted at the checkout. 

Can you put my order on a cheaper courier service?

Despite the chaos that is seen at the road ports, you can rest assured that your orders are going out on the fastest air transport available with DHL Express, and therefore are not subject to the hold ups seen via road routes. We do not offer a cheaper road route or parcel service as they have a slow track record in the best of times. Many orders were even lost completely on the standard road parcel services in the past, so we only use the air service now.

Please note

Things may change in the time since this post was written, or by the time you read it. There are further customs processes due to be introduced in April and July this year, however at this stage there’s nothing to suggest that it will either cause long delays to shipments or cause other issues. We provide all the correct information to ensure that items can be processed as quickly as possible, however please understand that this information is subject to change at any stage and therefore may become superseded by other recent changes. Please contact us before ordering if you wish to check anything or discuss your order requirements in detail.

Christmas & New Year 2021 Holiday Opening & Closing times + Brexit

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From all the team here at we hope you enjoy your holiday season as best as possible. We’d like to extend our thanks to you, our amazing customers for choosing our web shop to buy your favourite products. We know that this year has been like no other, and hasn’t been as straightforward as previous, however it has also shown us how important to communicate well with one another is. We’re very grateful our team was able to keep our service running without closure; despite the restrictions present and the challenges posed by them, which we worked through without delays to our ability to get your orders shipped to you quickly.

In recent weeks we’ve seen an increase in the number of questions regarding holiday periods and any days and times where shipping arrangements may be different. We’ve also fielded a few tricky questions from our customers based in the UK concerning what the effects of Brexit might be – we’ll get right onto that for you, please keep reading!

As you may be aware, this isn’t a normal year – we strongly recommend that if you have an urgent or time-sensitive order you should place it a few days in advance of your requirement. Despite knock on effects of Covid-19 on the DHL network, coupled with the high Xmas shopping levels the far majority of shipments still arrive on time, however the risk of delays to your parcel is substantially greater than previous years during the holiday season. Overloaded and late arriving vehicles are still an issue during the winter, as well as the effect of poor weather on flight schedules and local drivers in your area.

Christmas and New Year – Opening and early closing times

  • For a good chance that DHL Express will hand over your parcel to you before Christmas we recommend ordering no later than Monday 21st December. Place and pay for your order before 14:00 CET / 13:00 UK time to ensure same day dispatch. Ordering on this day gives you a couple of days leeway since the DHL network is handling record levels of shipments this year.
  • We are open until 12:00 CET / 11:00 UK time on Xmas eve, Thursday 24th December 2020. We have an early DHL collection on this day – please note that orders dispatched on this day will likely arrive from Tuesday 28th December 2020.
  • We are open until 12:00 CET / 11:00 UK time on New Year’s eve, Thursday 31st December 2020. We have an early DHL collection on this day – please note that orders dispatched on this day will likely arrive from Monday 4th January 2021.
  • Please check your calendar for national holidays or bank holidays as DHL do not operate locally on such days.
  • We are closed on Xmas day 25th December 2020 and New Year’s day, Friday 1st January 2021. These days are national holidays in the Netherlands. There will be no customer service or dispatches by DHL on these days and the weekends following them respectively.
  • We re-open in the new year on Monday 4th January 2021.

Brexit – What we can say at this stage (Subject to change due to ongoing trade talks at the time of writing)

We’ve not published anything prior to this post here simply because no one knows what the outcome of any negotiation might be at this stage. Rest assured we’ve done all preparation required for either outcome, and we have expedited shipping set up with DHL with customs clearance facilities ready to go. Sure, there may be some delays due to backlogs in the network as of January due to the couriers facing new logistical changes, however we’ll be doing everything we can do as normal here to enable us to continue to serve you. We don’t have any plans on stopping!

If you have a larger order in mind to stock up now is a good time to order, we wouldn’t recommend leaving your last purchase of 2020 later than Monday 28th December 2020.

At this moment in time, we cannot confirm what the implications regarding taxation will be for our UK customers. It’s unlikely that your favourite products on our store will cost more overall. Talks are ongoing regarding any potential trade deals, and hopefully red tape will be minimum for the type of products that we sell. DHL are well equipped to handle global shipments in terms of customs procedures and we’re confident our products will be processed without untoward delays.

If you have any further questions, comments or feedback please get in touch. We wish you all the best in health for the holidays and for 2021!

10% off Green Riau Khetum this October!

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Green Riau surprisingly is one of the oldest and most well known variations of Khetum dye we stock, however it’s often one of the most overlooked. It delivers a superb green vibrancy unlike any other – furthermore, this strain is contained within our Sample Pack 1 if you’re looking for a new evaluation of our range of fresh, quality Khetum.

Now is a great time to buy some of this outstanding single leaf origin Khetum powder from the Riau provinces of Indonesia. Green Riau Khetum is prepared using efficient methods of selection, drying and milling, only the best leaves are picked for this incredible offering.

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10% off Borneo Anak Khetum All September!

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The feedback for our latest batch of Borneo Anak has been excellent. We’re continuing the sale all throughout this September as we step into Autumn!

Now is a great time to buy some of this outstanding single leaf origin Khetum powder. Prepared using traditional methods of selection, drying and milling, only the finest young leaves are picked for this exceptional offering.

It’s easy to work with, finely milled and provides a rich and vibrant colour that lasts well.

10% off Wildcraft all July 2020!

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Sourced from deep within primary and secondary rainforest, our Wildcrafted Khetum dye variation is processed according to traditional techniques. We sort out only the finest quality leaves for further processing, which results in a consistent Red-type dye which is excellent when used in combination with all other strains.

We’ve automatically taken 10% off the cost of our Wildcraft strain which we believe is very underrated and works well to improve the longevity and colour fastness of any project. This is a great chance to try some Wildcraft Khetum if you’ve not done so already!

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Red Riau is on offer all June!

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Arguably one of the most underrated Red types alongside its green counterpart, this Khetum type is unique and very pleasant to work with. We’ve knocked 10% off the already reasonable price point for this strain which is well received by all that have tried it. Don’t overlook your opportunity to try Red Riau Khetum at this fantastic new low price!

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Borneo Anak – Fresh New Stock Back In!

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It’s like the best qualities of Malaysian Green and Borneo Red combined. Selected from only the best young Khetum leaves, this true connoisseurs product is harvested and processed using traditional methods. This attention to quality creates a truly vibrant product which is unmatched by other products.

UPDATE on 1st June 2020: Our Borneo Anak fresh stock has arrived! All packet sizes are available including 1KG.

Borneo Anak

Enjoy Sumatra White at 10% off All May 2020!

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It’s certainly one of the key varieties of Khetum, and one of the oldest types to be introduced to the market. It provides explosive vibrant energy when used in any project. It is also ideal for blending and creating your own customised mix of Khetum strains. There’s hardly a strain that it doesn’t mix well with, so if you’re looking to brighten up your mix, then consider Sumatra White this month.

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