Loyalty Points

Save Loyalty Points with every purchase, use as a discount for a future order.

Registered customers will earn 1 point for every €1.00 spent on products.

Each point is worth 1 Euro Cent and can be used on any future order.

You can use your points as a discount on your very next order or save them up for a bigger discount of up to 30% off the product price.

[Please note – you’ll need to make sure your web browser is not blocking pop-ups or dialogues on our site to be able to choose how many points you’d like to redeem for a discount.] 

Each item in our store displays how many Loyalty Points you can earn from each purchase, and you’ll be reminded of any Loyalty Points you have available to spend the next time you check out.

Earn 50 bonus points for signing up as a registered customer.
Start collecting points for future savings!

Write your first product review and take another 100 bonus points! Share your thoughts about your favourite choices.

To earn points make sure you are logged in before you checkout.

Please note points have a validity period of one year from the day of earning before they expire.

You will find a log of all your loyalty points totals in “My Account”