Natural Indigo Powder (blue)


Our natural Indigo powder is great for producing deep blue colors in wool and other textiles.

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Natural Indigo Powder (for dyeing textiles & garments)

With a rich, ancient history, Indigo is famed for producing a deep blue colour. It can be prepared applied to a multitude of fabrics, yarns, fibres and garments. Whilst the process of using this product as a dye is slightly more complex than most, the results it yields when done right are fantastic.

Your results will depend on the amount of mordant used and also the suitability of your chosen textile to dye, so make sure you familiarise yourself with one of our guides before embarking on your dyeing adventure with natural Indigo powder.

Indigo is a versatile color, for example it can be combined with Cochineal to produce luscious purple / blue hues.

Latin Name – Indigofera Tinctori

Whilst synthetic Indigo is widely available, there are environmental concerns regarding the production of commercially manufactured dye products, so in recent years there has been a new interest in natural Indigo production. Areas historically associated with natural Indigo production include India and Central America. Our current product offerings of natural Indigo powder are from India and El Salvador.

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