Logwood (Violet / Grey)


Dried Logwood chips, ideal for creating shades of violet, greys and blacks on your chosen textiles

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This natural dye material produces violets, greys and blacks when used on fibres. It’s an ideal product for using to dye wool yarns, please note however the skill level for this dye is a little higher than normal and you’ll need to use a mordant (Alum) to obtain the best results. The resultant colors are excellent to look at, however it’s not particularly ‘light fast’ so once you’ve dyed your fabric, it’s best to keep it out of sunlight until you’re ready to work on it further.

Logwood is very efficient at dyeing so you’ll only need a relatively small amount to achieve good color saturation. You’ll even be able to re-use some of the chips later too.

Your product will arrive inside a strong re-sealable poly bag with the contents clearly labeled.

Latin name: Haematoxylum Campechianum

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