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We are a small company based in the Netherlands specializing in trading natural textile & fibre colorants. For those wishing to enjoy dyeing their own garments & fabrics from home, we provide a selection of natural and alternative plant based colors. You can use our products to create natural hues in suitable fabrics that have been prepared for dyeing, or by using textiles that are naturally absorbent.

We strive to obtain our natural dyes from carefully selected suppliers who ethically & sustainably source their raw materials.

Most natural dyes come from dye plants, for example, indigo, woad and brazilwood. Our range of fine plant based dye powder on its own creates wonderful earthy tones in fabrics They can also be combined with other natural dyes to create unique hues for your clothing or cotton yarns & threads. Don’t worry if you’re just beginning – we have a handy guides available on site to get you pointed in the right direction.

For dyeing wool, we recommend the use of a natural mordant such as Alum prior to starting the dyeing process. Using our products on wool and cotton based fabrics yields the best results. For dyeing garments such as t-shirts, we recommend thorough scouring before starting the dyeing process, to help remove any waxes and oils from the fibres which may prevent our dyes from binding effectively.

One of the best aspects of choosing our range of natural plant dye powders is that once used, the waste product is non-polluting, biodegradable and can be recycled on your compost heap.