How to Dye Clothing Using Dried Dyer’s Greenweed

Method for dyeing clothing using dried Dyer’s Greenweed

Always remember to take the necessary precautions before setting off on your dyeing project. Clear a suitable area, wear gloves, old clothing and use equipment thats only used for dyeing. Work in a well ventilated area, away from pets and children.

For best results, use well scoured clothing or fabrics before adding to the dye mixture. You can dye around 2KG of fabric with around 100g of Dyer’s Greenweed.

– Soak around 100g Greenweed chips in water overnight.

– The following day, simmer the mixture but do not let it boil.

– Allow the dye bath to cool and then strain the chips from the mixture using a sieve before adding your clothing or fibers.

– Add your items to the dye bath and then leave for another evening to allow the color to soak in.

If you’re struggling to achieve a good rich color result, try adding 2-4g of chalk powder to the dye pot at the simmering stage.