Brexit, your questions answered so far…

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We thought we’d continue to provide further information on this less than exciting but nonetheless important topic. Non-UK customers don’t need to read this post ūüôā

Have there been many delays in transit?

The majority of delays we’ve witnesses recently have been related to recent winter weather issues, these have on occasion meant that connecting vehicles and flights have arrived or set off late (or even meant that some flights could not take off) – these delays when they occur typically only add one¬†additional day.¬†
Since brexit, all parcels to the UK may be at any time subject to further checks which may create a slight delay in transit. The far majority of orders go through without issue however please be aware that if yours is delayed, it should arrive to you once any checks have been processed.

Why is my item delayed?

Sure, there may be some delays due to overloaded vehicles or backlogs¬†in the network following on from weather delays¬†however we’re happy to relay to you that the far majority of items have sailed through. Delays due to customs is a possibility, however the majority of our orders go through without a delay.

Customs duty Charging? When is it applied?

Not¬†everything has been charged on entry as far as customers have informed us. We recommend you keep your order amount under ‚ā¨200 if you wish to avoid the¬†chance¬†of duty charges. The official limit for customs duty is ¬£135 or approx. ‚ā¨154 at today’s rates. Perhaps from July when more checks are introduced this¬†may¬†be more common.¬†
Case study – a customer spent ‚ā¨260, total charges in the invoice were ¬£45 GBP.

Why is shipping more expensive to the UK?

Since 1st January DHL have levied a surcharge to all UK bound items – we are continuing to subsidise the cost of DHL Express however to ensure that we moderate¬†the cost of shipping to keep it reasonable for you¬†– the real cost is around ‚ā¨5-6 more than what is quoted at the checkout.¬†

Can you put my order on a cheaper courier service?

Despite the chaos that is seen at the road ports, you can rest assured that your orders are going out on the fastest air transport available with DHL Express, and therefore are not subject to the hold ups seen via road routes. We do not offer a cheaper road route or parcel service as they have a slow track record in the best of times. Many orders were even lost completely on the standard road parcel services in the past, so we only use the air service now.

Please note

Things may¬†change in the time since this post was written, or by the time you read it.¬†There are further customs processes due to be introduced in April and July this year, however at this stage there’s nothing to suggest that it will either cause long delays to shipments or cause other issues. We provide all the correct information to ensure that items can be processed as quickly as possible, however please understand that this information is subject to change at any stage and therefore may become superseded by other recent changes. Please contact us before ordering if you wish to check anything or discuss your order requirements in detail.